Our Story

At Cult8, we celebrate women!

Born out of a shared passion for fashion by two friends, Joumana and Nirvana, we believe fashion is an art and carefully curate our collections to be constantly evolving, original and inspiring. Since we began in 2015, no two collections have ever been the same. Collectively, we have represented over 100 brands from six of the seven continents. We both love travel and adventure and use them as an opportunity to discover original, beautifully designed pieces to showcase at our boutiques. We are constantly searching for exciting brands to introduce to our clients. Cult8 has become a platform for us to support and feature new local and regional talents. Our core philosophy is the belief in the power of fashion to transform and transport; where our clients fall in love, own and forever cherish their unique pieces. It is a labour of love by women for the beauty and joy of women.

Feel celebrated, empowered and beautiful. 

Join the Cult! 


* Get to know us.. *


~ Nirvana Alireza

My inspiration lies in the amazing women in my family. Both my mother and grandmother were known in society for their elegance, style and charisma. I grew up surrounded by beautiful, strong and capable women who loved, taught and inspired me. As a girl I loved raiding my mother's closet and playing dress up with my sisters and friends. We always felt transformed into glamorous women. I feel the same excitement exploring the world of fashion, and experience the same exhilaration discovering beautiful and original brands. I hope you feel as transformed wearing Cult8!


~ Joumana Jaamour

Elegance is a state of mind. It is a lifestyle; a gesture, a thought, a word. Whether relaxing at home in loungewear or dressing up for a night out; elegance is confidence, charm, and a soulful attitude. I am captivated by everything that is beautiful; from nature to art to decor. I see beauty everywhere; in our imperfections, our insecurities and in our magical world that gives us solace. I see beauty in the simple details; the small hand written notes, the thoughtfulness in an unexpected gift or the little keepsakes we collect from our wide travels. I am inspired by my family and friends; our moments of laughter, insights and conversations that leave a lasting impression and influence my definition of style and sophistication. All this, life, makes fashion fun and playful. I am lucky I get to explore my creative side and hope it echoes in the spirits, minds and closets of our Cult8 supporters.

We look forward to having you join our journey and step into the closets of designers from all around the globe.

Each piece being unique, just like you.