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Featured collection

Featured Collection

Zoom Maharajah Green Earrings
Zoom Maharajah Green Earrings
Zoom Maharajah Green Earrings
Zoom Maharajah Green Earrings

Maharajah Green Earrings

$435 USD

Maharajah Green Oval Earrings

This pair of earrings was freely inspired by the universe of the Maharajahs.
It is entirely hand embroidered

  • Each earring weighs 24 grams.
  • Clip-on earring.
  • Materials: glass beads, miyuki beads, bullion, rhinestones and viscose thread.
  • Size 12 * 5cm.

Each pair of earrings is delivered in its heavenly Mogador case.

Vendor: Celeste Mogador

Zoom Calisto Necklace
Zoom Calisto Necklace

Calisto Necklace

$125 USD

Material: Bronze with 24 carat gold with amazing vegetable Ivory or Tagua makes this bambos completely unique.

Weight: 25g.

Size: Lenght 19 cm, Width 3 cm.

Details: 100% Handmade in Colombia by the indigenous Woounan community. Tagua is made from the endosperm of the seeds of some palm trees in the tropical rainforests of Colombia and other parts of Latin America.

Production: Generation after generation creating beautiful jewelry following ancient embroidery technique.

Each product is unique, where attention is paid to every detail.

Vendor: Bamboleira

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